Illness usually comes as a shock to many business owners. For those who’ve failed to prepare, the impact of the situation is compounded by the risk of losing everything.

Business Expenses Insurance

Business owners aren’t bullet proof

Running a business takes a great deal of hard work, planning and time. And while many business owners willingly take on these challenges in the hope of accumulating wealth and building financial security, many fail to take the critical steps that would safeguard their businesses in the event of the unexpected, such as a major health setback.

As a business owner, if you were critically injured or became seriously incapacitated for many months, what impact would your absence have on the business? If you couldn’t work to generate the revenue, organise your staff, manage the day-to-day affairs, plan for the future and create the profits, what would happen? Would everything fall apart or would your business remain in good shape and be able to meet all its fixed costs until your return to the helm?

Meeting the fixed expenses of your business is vital to its survival

Business Expenses insurance is a proven financial back-up plan that every business needs. Business Expenses insurance is about meeting your fixed business expenses if you can’t work in your business due to long-term injury or illness.

Designed specifically for self-employed people and business owners, Business Expenses insurance is generally tax deductible, which makes it an affordable proposition for most businesses.

With the bills being paid, you can focus on your recovery

Business Expenses insurance takes the pressure off you, your family and your business at a time when you need it most. Payments come in the form of a monthly remuneration, which means you can stop stressing about the bills and stay focused on getting back on your feet.

These are some of the fixed costs that will generally be covered by Business Expenses insurance:

  • Premises: Cleaning, insurance, loan interest and fees, property rates and taxes, rent, repairs, maintenance and security
  • Services: Telephone and fax lines, internet, mobile phones, postage and couriers, gas, electricity, water and sewerage.
  • Equipment: Depreciation, motor vehicle leases, vehicle and equipment insurance, vehicle registration, repairs and maintenance.
    Salaries and related costs: Salaries, payroll tax and superannuation for employees who do not generate business income.
  • Other: Account-keeping fees, accounting and auditing fees, bank fees, business insurance, professional association memberships, regular advertising costs.

How much cover do you need?

Every business and every industry is different, so when taking out a policy you need the help of a qualified advisor to determine the appropriate level of cover needed for your business. Lyneside Financial Services has the experience to understand the circumstances of your business, regardless of the industry you are in, so you can rest easy knowing that should the worst happen your business will continue to meet all its fixed costs until your return.

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